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Hugo: Dutch in Three Months With Cassette $23.96
Hugo: Dutch in Three Months Without Cassette $11.96
In Three Months Brush up foreign language skills in record time! Available in both book-only or book-and-cassette format, each Hugo self-study language course prepares the tourist or business traveler to speak a foreign language in only three months. The secret is the innovative Hugo method, which communicates exactly what's necessary to grasp the workings of the language. Each 256-page book also includes all the grammar lessons, conversation drills, word lists, and graded exercises to guarantee comprehension. 
Beginner's Dutch : An Easy Introduction (Teach Yourself)$9.56
Gerdi Quist's and Lesley Gilbert's book is an introductory course to a foreign language for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on foreign language classes, has little experience working with foreign languages, has, indeed, little knowledge of their English grammar, and basically wants to get a good working knowledge of Dutch. All the most important grammatical rules are touched upon; however, it could use some more excercises, in my opinion. I would not recommend this book for the scholar or someone who wants to learn Dutch throughly and also quickly, but for the accidental tourist it's adequate. (Though for the latter I would recommend finding a tourist phrase book to go along with Quist's and Gilbert's book, for the sake of a little more thorough treatment of useful phrases.) 
Teach Yourself Dutch : A Complete Course for Beginners (Teach Yourself)$22.36
Berlitz Dutch Cassette Pack $13.56
Berlitz is the premier publisher of high quality language instruction books and tapes. their Dutch Cassette Pack features a 90-minute interactive cassette that makes Dutch very easy to learn. Just listen and repeat with native speakers the over 400 essential expressions of a trip to the Netherlands. It's easy to take part in dialogues experiencing real-life situations as you learn to make greetings, ask questions, reserve a hotel room, sightsee, travelling around town, telling the time, asking for directions, ordering a meal, going shopping, enjoying an evening out, handling emergencies, and much more. There is also a compute transcript of all the recorded phrases and dialogues. The accompanying phrase book and dictionary featuring an easy-to-read pronunciation guide and a unique quick reference color-coded system with over 1200 phrases for any situation. 
Langenscheidt's Lilliput Woordenboek Nederlands - Engels $2.28